Group Personal Excess Liability

Group Personal Excess Liability  


A personal excess liability policy - commonly known as an "umbrella policy" - is designed to cover damages that you are legally obligated to pay to another party as a result of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury, such as libel or slander.

Your personal excess liability coverage can be purchased through this group program offered by your employer. The benefits of participating in a group program include:

  • Premium group pricing,
  • Access to higher coverage limits, and
  • Simplified underwriting requirements.

Average liability settlements in the US are over $1 million, yet coverage through home, auto, and watercraft policies is typically limited. A personal excess liability policy provides additional coverage when the unexpected happens.

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Why do I need excess liability coverage?

As you enjoy the lifestyle rewards of your career success, it's important to keep in mind that your potential exposures change as well. For example, the risk of facing a personal liability lawsuit increases with one's assets and individuals known to have substantial assets are particularly vulnerable. In today's litigious environment, legal awards tend to be incredibly high with average personal injury settlements topping $1 million.


Large claims for personal damages can stem from:

  • An auto accident
  • Accidental injury on one's property
  • Accidental damage to another's property
  • Reputational damage caused by a public remark or social media post
Group Personal Excess Liability Webinar

Rates presented are subject to change. Please refer to the enrollment form for current rate information.


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • Don't I already have liability coverage through my homeowners or auto policies?

    While you may have some personal liability coverage through your homeowners or auto insurance policy, that coverage is typically limited. As the "excess" in its name suggests, Personal Excess Liability coverage extends beyond the liability limits provided by the primary insurance policies for your home, automobile, watercraft, or other assets and provides more protection for your assets and lifestyle.
  • What is a "group" personal excess liability policy?

    Purchasing personal excess liability coverage as part of a group program provides several advantages:

    • Higher Limits of Liability - Personal liability limits high enough to protect those with substantial income and assets are not often available on an individual basis.
    • Premium Group Pricing - Participants can typically take advantage of lower premiums than when applying for personal excess liability coverage as an individual.
    • Simplified Underwriting Requirements - When enrolling in a group plan, participants may qualify without the evaluation of their personal history.
  • Who is eligible?

    Eligible colleagues have been designated by Pitney Bowes and will have received this offer and an RSVP link from the organization.
  • How much will this coverage cost?

    Coverage costs are dependent on limit selection. Please click on “Enroll Now” to see specific costs by coverage limit. For limits of $20 million or $25 million, quotes will need to be obtained through Marsh Private Client Services. See Contact Us on this page for phone number.
  • How do I change my policy?

    Changes must be submitted through Marsh Private Client Services. See Contact Us on this page for phone number.
  • What do I do if I have a claim?

    Claims should be submitted through Marsh Private Client Services. See Contact Us on this page for phone number.
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